Wire Termination

Wire Termination

Wire termination inculdes Wire connectors, closed-end crimp connectors, cord-end ferrules, terminals

Wire connectors, closed-end crimp connectors, cord-end ferrules, terminals
Wire connectors, closed-end crimp connectors, cord-end ferrules, terminals

A wide range of connectors suitable for the majority of all applications. In fact, the high quality, easy-to-use, versatile connectors have been greatly used in different industries and different continents. Whatever the application - commercial, industrial, OEM, utility, residential, communications - and whatever the voltage - low, medium or high - we have the right connector for you.

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  • Wire Connectors - Wire connectors, Twist-on connectors,wire nuts ,Winged wire connectors, winged grounding wire connectors,high temperature wire connectors, closed-end crimp connectors.
    Wire Connectors
    Wire connectors are also known as Twist-on connectors,wire nuts , cone connectors, or thimble connectors

    Wire connectors are designed to secure two or more low-voltage electrical conductors together, and widely used in commercial, industrial and residential application. Thermoplatic shell of a wire connector is tight, wire-spring making each connection quick and firm.

  • Cord-End Ferrules - Un-insulated cord-end terminals, cord end terminals, twin cord-end terminals
    Cord-End Ferrules
    Bootlace ferrules or cord end terminal

    Cord-end ferrules include both insulated and non-isulated made of tin-plated copper with high conductivity, provide a neat end termination to tri-rated cable and stranded wires and are widely used in electrical applications. Insulated cord-end ferrules are available in French, German and DIN colour coding sysem.

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Wire Termination Manufacturer - HWLOK

Based in Taiwan, HUA WEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of Wire Termination since 1976.

ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 cable tie green manufacturing with UL, CE, CSA, ABS, DNV GL, BV and CQC accreditations, as well as meeting RoHS and REACH regulations. HWLOK's ten billion cable tie production capability has allowed them to become one of the largest cable tie manufacturers in Asia.

Cable tie accessories, cable clips and clamps, cable makers, expansion anchors, PCB supports and screws, cable protections, wire terminations and application tools are available, along with cable ties.

HWLOK has been selling customers high quality cable ties worldwide. With over one- hundred 180~1000 tons molding machines, advanced technology and 40 years of experience, HWLOK ensures each customer's demands are met.

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