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Plenum Ratings for Cable Ties

UL AH-1 & AH-2 Certification
UL AH-1 & AH-2 Certification

In the United States & Canada, cable ties installed in areas used for the exchange of environmental air (air-handling spaces or “plenums”) are required to be classified as AH-1 or AH-2. UL 62275 includes a Smoke and Heat Release Test which results in a specific minimum index of characteristics. This index is in line with the national mechanical installation codes.

1. The peak heat release rate shall be ≤ 100 kW
2. The peak normalized optical density shall be ≤ 0.5
3. The average normalized optical density shall be ≤ 0.15

The plenum ratings according to product type are:
Product TypePlenum rating
Metallic Cable ties and Fixing DevicesAH-1
Non-metallic or Composite Cable ties and Fixing DevicesAH-2

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Updated 2019/1/17

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