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  • Control Panels - Control Panel Application
    Control Panels
    Excellent Wiring Solution for Control Panels

    With continuous development of manufacturing technologies, weather machine manufacturers, automatic control system suppliers, or control panel manufacturers confront with greater challenges. Such as design and fabrication more sophisticated and complicated of control panels and the shorter period from customer’s order, design, and assembly to delivery. How to control cost and increase efficiency are important issues.High quality and full range of Hua Wei’s wiring accessories are suitable for all kinds of switchboards and control panels. We emphasized the detail of engineering to improve the installed efficiency. We insist on high quality of products to decrease the cost of rework. Hua Wei also provided ergonomically designed tools, which have achieved effort saving and speed up installation. Hua Wei’s Cable Ties, Wiring Ducts and Terminals are certified by UL and comply with global electrical and electronic regulation by providing reliable wire fastening and electrical connecting. Our experienced technical team develops new products and manufacture technology depends on market needs while continuously improved existing products for better engineering and performance. That is how we help our customers stay leadership in their industries. Moreover, that is why our excellent wiring solution of control panels will offer you the lower cost of ownership and reduce the time to enter market.

  • Solar PV Industries - Solar PV Industries Applications
    Solar PV Industries
    Professional Wire Management to Meet Challenges in the Solar Power Industries

    Hua Wei Industries actively develops in a wide range of materials to cater to the unique characteristics and demands of various industries. In the solar power industries, we provide a comprehensive lineup of wire management solutions and fastening products that are specifically designed for photovoltaic panels, combiner boxes, control centers, inverters, transformers, substations, battery storage systems, and other relevant components such as frames, protective devices, and metal electrical tubing in solar energy systems. Our offerings ensure longevity and UV resistance, offering efficient, cost-effective, secure, and highly customizable solutions. Our products undergo rigorous and extensive testing, backed by our extensive customer base, to provide rich wire management and fastening solutions tailored for the solar power industry.Challenges in the solar power industry extend beyond adverse weather conditions and encompass issues related to improper cable and wire management practices and suboptimal maintenance strategies. The recurring incidents of fires in combiner boxes highlight several critical considerations:

  • Wind Turbine - Wind Turbine Application
    Wind Turbine
    Durable, Reliable Wiring Accessories For Wind Turbine

    This is the time that the world boosts to build up the wind farm and raise the proportion of wind energy while the manufacturers of wind turbine have faced greater challenge of more stable system and higher generated electrical energy. At the same time, more and more countries invested in developing offshore wind farm. The harsh environment of ocean is the great trial of the durability of wind turbine and facilities. How to provide stable, reliable, and long term solution of off-shore wind facilities is another challenge of wind turbine manufacturers.The high quality and full range of wiring accessories of Hua Wei can meet the high standard of quality, durability, and safety of wind energy. We emphasis the engineering details and focus on operation convenience for users that can accelerate the assembly efficiency of all kinds of control panels used in wind turbine. We insist on high quality and that’s why our products can provide long term and more reliable wiring solution. Each item of products is designed for well-insulated, good fixture, and suitable for applied to high vibration environment, and the high quality of products ensures long term usage to reduce maintenance cost.The products of Hua Wei comply with RoHS, REACH, Halogen free, and low smoke requirements, and certified by UL, CSA,and DNV-GL. The specification of product, such as endurance temperature, tensile strength, has passed or exceeded the industrial standards. Whether onshore or offshore wind facilities- control panels of investors, pitch control, yaw control, safety control, or elevator, the products of Hua Wei are the best choice and helpful to raise the safety control and efficiency.In commercial and household wind energy markets, manufacturers of small wind turbine will face more competitions. How to accelerate assembly efficiency and shorten the period of entering the market, maximize the quality and stability of equipment, and at the same time, to decrease the cost of ownership are great challenges. The total wiring solution of Hua Wei will give you a hand to keep leadership in the market.

  • Automotive - Automotive Application
    Hua Wei’s Experienced Developing Capability for Automotive Fasteners

    With over 45 year experience on precise stamping and precise molding injection, Hua Wei has provided industrial standard cable ties and fasteners, and customized variable automotive and engineering fasteners to fulfill the unique requirement of secure and sustainable. Automotive fasteners of Hua Wei apply to high vibration and harsh environment and can fasten wires securely. Applicable vehicles are included sedans, trunks, wagons, trailers, excavators, etc.With ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 accreditations, Hua Wei guarantees to provide best service and optimized quality throughout the management system. QA system and regular examination assure the products are qualified before delivery.Technologies of precise stamping and molding injection, excellent RD teamwork, and premium quality make Hua Wei the first choices as an automotive OEM service provider and partner.Cable ties are commonly used in the automotive industry for bundling and securing wires, cables, and hoses. Wiring components play a crucial role in automotive design and manufacturing. Cable ties, as well as stainless steel ties, are used to secure and bundle wires and cables together, while fixing mounts help maintain wiring stability and neatness. Proper selection and use of these tools ensure vehicle safety and reliability.In the automotive industry, cable ties come in various materials and design forms. When choosing cable ties for automotive use, the following points need to be considered:

  • Shipbuilding - Shipbuilding Application
    Excellent and Reliable Solutions for Shipbuilding

    Due to the unique characteristic of vessels and offshore platforms, the equipment of their electrical and electronic must be highly sustainable, reliable, and resistant to seawater, lubricating oils, fuels, moisture, rat-bite, high temperature (84ºC,flame retardant in 15 minutes ). To adopt high quality insulating materials, professional fixing methods, well designed cable protection, and fully identification will ensure safety and reliability of electronic control system. As well as it will make maintenance easier.Facing the competition of global market, the margin of marine industries has been beaten down, and the lengthy period of construction becomes heavy burden for shipyards. Hua Wei provides high quality, better cost-performance values of stainless steel ties and wiring accessories, designs and keeps improving products’ functions which highly increase the efficiency of ship assembly. Through the time and labor being saved by our wiring solution, the marine industries could reduce the total cost of ship build.Hua Wei’s high quality products comply with UL electrical components regulations, and certificated for type approval of shipbuilding industry by ABS, DNV GL, BV, and Lloyd's Register, which are compliant or exceed industrial standards. Hua Wei’s most endurable and reliable performance of wiring solutions is the best choice for marine industries.

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Over 40 Years Stainless Steel & Releasable Cable Ties Manufacturer | HUA WEI

Located in Taiwan since 1976, HUA WEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has been a plastic and stainless steel cable ties manufacturer. Their main cable ties, include plastic cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, heavy duty cable ties, cable markers, security seals, fasteners, cable clips, cable clamps, tie mounts and cable tie accessories, which are IATF 16949 and ISO certified and meet RoHS and REACH standards.

With more than 40 years' experience in designing and manufacturing of cable ties, Hua Wei's products have gained UL, CSA, GL, CE, and CQC accreditation and of high quality and suitable to apply to all kinds of severe industrial environments. Rich experience and specialty of precise molding wit engineering plastic polyamide 6,6. Advanced molding facilities, and outstanding R&D teamwork.

HUA WEI has been offering customers high-quality cable ties worldwide, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, HUA WEI ensures each customer's demands are met.

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