Culture & Value / 40 years' experience in designing and manufacturing of cable ties


Culture & Value

Management Philosophy
Customer oriented
Always place our clients first and offer the best service to our clients.
Profit creation
Continuously generate the sales success, share the profit to our stockholders, benefit our employees and contribute to our clients.
Sustainable operation
Provide the permanent sales service and quality assurance to our customers. We are growing steadily. We welcome you co-create with us for a glorious future.
Community Contribution
Thank you for giving us recognition and support when we started an undertaking. Due to that, we are considerate in return of devoting to public welfare and benefiting to society.

Core Values

Service our customers with a sincere heart. We will not make an overstatement. We cooperate with the suppliers with honesty and credibility.
Systematically stabilize and develop group’s business with diligent spirit.
Continuously develop new products and technologies. Keep learning with company organization and progressing with time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hua Wei emphasized the corporate social responsibility, including ethic and law-abiding, care for health and safety of our employees, and devoted to environment protection and publish welfare. We practice “Integrity, Diligence, and Innovation” from top to down in everyway we operate business.

Ethic and Law
Hua Wei, the company, its employees and outside supplier shall obey the legal regulation and rules of cooperate. Since the behaviors of employee behalf of their company, our employees shall practices the spirits of “Integrity” and “Diligence” toward inside and outside of company.

Hua Wei continues to attract and hire outstanding labor and encourage them contribute and grow within the corporate. We support and abide by the regulation of labor, and we hire people of the disadvantaged and with disabilities.
By holding internal job training, subside outside education, and carrying out proper promotion system and internal inspiration plan, we encourage all employees to pursuit excellence and self-accomplishment inside the company.

Health and Safety
All internal business division and outside supplier of Hua Wei shall abide by regulation labor law and provide safety-controlled working environment to work for.
Hua Wei practices pre-job and on-job trainings and safety lectures, to accomplish the purposes of raises the awareness of safety and to minimize the accidents in working places. We also subsidize physical examination each year to remind our employees of importance of health management.

Community Involvement and Public Welfare
Chairman of Hua Wei, President Guo has served in the association such as president of Taichung Industrial Park Association and president of Culture and Economic Association of Taiwan Sustainable Development Institute, successful to communication between business community and government office for a long time. CEO of Hua Wei has served as vice president of China Plastics Processing Industry Association and remains good relationship with local industries.
Chairman Guo has taken on President of Taiwan Lifeline International from 2009. Taiwan Lileline is the only one charity organization offers 24 hours telephone consultation and its main goal is to prevent from suicide. The numbers calling for help amount to 12,000 each year. Under the leadership of Guo, Taiwan Lifeline are sure to operate more successful and help more people as they could.


Hua Wei has gained ISO14001 Environment quality management to design, manage, train, audit our environmental effect. Besides abiding environmental regulation, reinforcing environment friendly attempt, and continuing to reduce pollutions/wastes, we replace with new pattern machines to save a large amount of electricity.

The full range of product of Hua Wei is compliant to RoHS and REACH regulation.
99.9% of our products are made of recyclable and reusable engineering plastic and metal and Over 85% of our products are made by Nylon 66 which is a material of low smoke and halogen free.

Environment friendly

New Product

Over 40 Years of World-Class Wire & Cable Management Products Manufacturing | HUA WEI

Based in Taiwan, HUA WEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of cable ties since 1976.

IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 cable tie green manufacturing with UL, CE, CSA, ABS, DNV GL, BV and CQC accreditations, as well as meeting RoHS and REACH regulations. HUA WEI's ten billion cable tie production capability has allowed them to become one of the largest cable tie manufacturers in Asia.

Cable tie accessories, cable clips and clamps, cable makers, expansion anchors, PCB supports and screws, cable protections, wire terminations and application tools are available, along with cable ties.

HUA WEI has been selling customers high quality cable ties worldwide. With over one- hundred 180~1000 tons molding machines, advanced technology and 40 years of experience, HUA WEI ensures each customer's demands are met.

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