Technical information

Technical information

The Locking Mechanism of Cable Ties

With this technology, Hua Wai produces 90% of polyamide (PA) cable ties. In order to cover a variety of applications, there is a large selection of products, for example: releasable versions and outside-serrated versions.

The pawl integrates with the strap as one-piece cable tie, thereby building in inherent strengths.

Locking technology By getting stuck the pawl with the strap serrations. This allows the cable tie to perform to the published minimum tensile strength, which means the loading that the cable tie can hold under application.

The Locking Mechanism of Ball Lock Type Stainless Steel Cable Ties

The Locking Mechanism of Ball Lock

Stainless steel cable tie is formed with stainless steel grades 304 or 316.The MLG range of cable ties has no serrations on the strap, and the strap parallels through the head, gliding under a metal ball-bearing locking mechanism. By using the GIT-705 application tool the cable tie is tensioned and the strap cut to a flush finish.

Locking technology
The strap is locked into the head by means of the small ball-bearing. The ball locks into the small end of the wedged shaped housing, forming a positive locking with the strap.

Stainless steel cable tie is not suitable for rigid objects. Retraction of the ball-bearing (see drawing) is required into the small end of the wedged shaped housing to allow for a positive locking of the strap and also to make a flush cut of the end of the strap. Retraction, therefore, cannot take place with the bundling of inflexible materials.

The Locking Mechanism of Ball Lock The Locking Mechanism of Ball Lock
Insert the tail into the buckle. Before the tie is tightened, the internal locking ball still rolls freely. Once the proper tension is reached, use cable tie tool to cut off the tail. The ball then wedges into the buckle, locking it tightly against both the top and bottom of the band.

Determination of Minimum Tensile Strength

Determination of Minimum Tensile Strength
    The minimum tensile strength is a critical selection criterion for cable ties. It expresses how much loading a cable tie can bear. This minimum tensile strength is determined in accordance with the Military Specification and Standards of the USA. The test procedure/conditions as below is according to UL/IEC 62275:
  • Conditioning of the test samples
  • Construction of the test apparatus
  • Positioning of the sample on a split test mandrel
  • Test speed of the tensile machine

Optimum Storage Conditions For PA 6,6 Cable Ties

Hua Wei cable ties, fastenings and fixings are manufactured from high-quality polyamide (PA). This industrial synthetic material is mainly processed using injection moulding, but can also be extruded.

Polyamide is a hygroscopic material. This means that the material absorbs and loses moisture. For optimum handling of cable ties, it is important that the material is in a condition of equilibrium with a water content of approximately 2.5%.

The packaging used by Hua Wei ensures that the water content in the material remains constant. Therefore, it is important to store the products in their original packaging to preserve the quality of the ties.

Optimum Storage Conditions For  PA 6,6 Cable Ties Optimum Storage Conditions For  PA 6,6 Cable Ties
Always store ties in the sealed plastic bag made of polyethylene.Once opened you should use the ties as quick as possible. Do not store the product in sunlight; for example, on the windowsill.
Optimum Storage Conditions For  PA 6,6 Cable Ties Optimum Storage Conditions For  PA 6,6 Cable Ties
Store the product away from direct sources of heat. Avoid contact with heat: for example, do not place on the radiators. The ideal storage conditions are those of the central European standard climate: 23 °C/ 73.4 F, 50% relative humidity

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Over 40 Years of World-Class Wire & Cable Management Products Manufacturing | HUA WEI

Based in Taiwan, HUA WEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of cable ties since 1976.

IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 cable tie green manufacturing with UL, CE, CSA, ABS, DNV GL, BV and CQC accreditations, as well as meeting RoHS and REACH regulations. HUA WEI's ten billion cable tie production capability has allowed them to become one of the largest cable tie manufacturers in Asia.

Cable tie accessories, cable clips and clamps, cable makers, expansion anchors, PCB supports and screws, cable protections, wire terminations and application tools are available, along with cable ties.

HUA WEI has been selling customers high quality cable ties worldwide. With over one- hundred 180~1000 tons molding machines, advanced technology and 40 years of experience, HUA WEI ensures each customer's demands are met.

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